Will I experience a pain free birth with HypnoBirthing®?

Many Hypnobirthing mothers do experience a pain free birth or one that they are able to manage easily, 65-70% of Hypnobirthing mums do not require any form of pain relief as they simply do not feel any pain and just feel pressure. A further 20-25% will have a mild form of pain relief such as gas and air while the remaining 5-10% will fall into the special circumstances category where medical intervention is required.

By eliminating the cause of the pain-tension-fear cycle that constricts the birthing muscles, birthing can be achieved in a shorter period of time and a relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins which are natures own relaxants.

Who is HypnoBirthing® suitable for?

Anyone can use Hypnobirthing and you may be a first time mum or a mum who has given birth before.

It can help women who are scared of birth because they have never done it before, who are anxious because of a bad experience last time, or who just want a calmer, easier, more natural birth experience.

Can HypnoBirthing® be used if you have a special circumstance or are having a cesarean?

Hypnobirthing can be used for any birth and even for a c-section. The benefits are:

  • It allows you to bond with your baby before they are born
  • You are able to prepare mentally for your birth, whatever that may be
  • The breathing techniques help you to remain calm, relaxed and slow the body down to facilitate the body’s acceptance of the anesthesia
  • Relaxation can help your body to heal easier and quicker
  • You can release any fears surrounding the birth
  • The baby will still benefit from the relaxation techniques

Does my partner need to attend all of the sessions?

Yes, ideally you will bring your partner to the classes as they are a very important part of the birthing process, but equally you can come on your own or with a relative or friend. Anyone who is going to support you during your labour and birth as your birth companion are welcome to attend.

Most partners will come to the classes quite sceptical of Hypnobirthing, fearful of the birthing process and unsure of what their role will be during labour (mine did!). They will leave feeling positive, excited and ready to fully support you in your Hypnobirthing journey.

What is their role?

Your birth companion’s main role is to express your birth preferences to your midwife/doctor so that you are able to concentrate fully on birthing your baby and not be interrupted unless necessary. They will ask any appropriate questions if your birth preferences are not be followed so that you can make informed decisions regarding your birth.

They will aid you in your relaxation, visualisations and also provide light touch massage to encourage endorphins to be released.

Will I be ‘out of it’?

No, you be fully aware of what is going on around you but you will be able to disregard any distractions and concentrate on relaxing your body.

When should I attend the classes?

You can book your Hypnobirthing class after your 12 week scan  and begin the course between 20-30 weeks pregnant as this will give you plenty of time to practice. However, you can begin the course later on in your pregnancy as long as you are able to finish the course before you give birth! 

Where are the sessions held and what areas do you cover?

The sessions are held at either your house or mine (where possible) so you are in a comfortable environment. I cover most areas local to Rayleigh where I am based and this includes Wickford, Billericay, Basildon, Hockley, Ashingdon, Rochford, Hadleigh, Leigh, Westcliff, Southend. I have been known to travel quite far for sessions as the couple specifically wanted me to teach them so please ask I will try my best to accommodate you.