About Me

My name is Jenny and I am based in Rayleigh Essex and I discovered Hypnobirthing while I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy Harry in 2012.

Everyone I knew delighted in telling me their horror birth stories and competing in who had the longest and most painful labour. It was refreshing when one of my friends told me she had birthed relatively pain free using Hypnobirthing. I instantly researched it and decided this was the birth experience I wanted.

I had a fantastic pregnancy and  I bought the Hypnobirthing book when I was 15 weeks pregnant but I felt I needed the extra guidance so I decided to start the Hypnobirthing course at 35 weeks pregnant.

I remember falling asleep twice during my labour as I was so deeply relaxed, I was fully aware of what was going on around me and could feel the pressure of the contractions (or surges as they are called in hypnobirthing). I also remember the midwife kept telling me I was having a ‘big’ baby so I kept reciting the Hypnobirthing affirmation ‘ my baby is the right size for my body’.

I was classed under the ‘special circumstances’ category in Hypnobirthing and had a  c-section after a substantial amount of time labouring, I was completely calm which reflected in Harry’s constant steady heart rate. I was happy that I had done everything possible to birth naturally and transferred my relaxation techniques to help me to remain calm during the surgery as I knew that a relaxed body would recover quicker.

Harry weighed 7lb 10oz and no where near the 10lb plus I was repeatedly told! Harry is a typical chilled out Hypnobirthing baby and has slept through the night from 5 weeks old for at least 12 hours a night without waking. He  loves my Hypnobirthing music and I often put it on when he is due a nap and he falls asleep to it.

I had my second child Olivia in October 2015 and I opted to have a home birth and I wanted to have a water birth. Due to my previous c-section I was classed as high risk but this did not deter me and I did what I felt was right for me. I had the most beautiful, calm and relaxing birth and I had my little girl in my birthing pool in my conservatory. I experienced absolutely no pain whatsoever and I would quite happily give birth again tomorrow!!

My midwives were great and very supportive of my birth preferences, they had confidence in my birthing knowledge and abilities to allow me to birth my baby just the way I wanted to.

Olivia is a very calm, assertive and alert baby and she has slept through the night since she was 8 weeks old.

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